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New Patients

Here at Cassidy Dental we always look forward to welcoming new patients to the practice. On your first visit as a new patient, we will undertake a new patient examination.

This will consist of five key elements:

Check on your teeth

We will check the current situation of your teeth, how healthy they are, the appearance etc. We will also chart any existing restorations you may have on your teeth. This gives us an up-to-date record of your teeth, and helps us not only understand the current status but helps us with future diagnosis.

Check on the gums

We will check the health of your gums on this first visit too. Many people aren’t aware that the health and care of your gums is just as important as your teeth. Our check will let us know where you are at with the health of your gums.

Check soft tissues, glands and jaw

During your visit we check all internal soft tissues as part of our oral cancer check. At this point we will also check the external soft tissues, your glands etc. We will also ask you to open and close your mouth whilst we assess your jaw opening and jaw joints.


Depending on how may teeth you have, we may need to take radiographs (x-rays) to assess your teeth. We usually take one radiograph of each side of the mouth, allowing us to see in between the teeth and other areas that we may not be able to see during the initial check of the teeth. Our chair side monitors allow us to show you your own radiographs, and let you see exactly what it is that we see.

Discuss medical history and general health

When you arrive, reception will ask if you could fill in a medical history form. Alternatively you can download a form from our website here and bring it along to your visit with you. The form allows us to get a better understanding of any issues that could have an effect on your teeth and oral health, such as smoking or alcohol consumption. The form will also ask you about medication and your general health, again, any factors that could affect the teeth or gums. We will also have a chat about your diet and ask if there are any areas in particular that you want to discuss with your dentist.

Overall, on this first visit, we just want to get to know you, and understand what it is you want from your dental treatment, your expectations and hopes. We want you to feel happy and confident that you are getting the treatment you feel is right for you and that it is what you want it to be.