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Emergencies and Out-of-Hours Treatment


Self help measures
Avoid stimuli that precipitate or worsen the pain, such as hot or cold foods or cold air. Holding cooled water or crushed ice around the tooth can help some types of dental pain. Severe pain from the mouth or teeth sometimes feels worse when lying flat, so try lying propped up as this might ease the pain. Use painkillers that have successfully provided pain relief for you in the past without adverse effects, such as ibuprofen and/or paracetamol. Avoid taking aspirin as a painkiller if there is bleeding.
Always follow directions on the packet for advice on precaution in some medical conditions. If this advice provided proves inadequate, call us back.

Out of hours emergency treatment
Should you need to contact a dentist out of normal working hours for urgent treatment, please telephone Dalriada Urgent Care on (028) 25 663510.

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Denplan UK: 0800 844 999
Denplan Overseas: +44 1962 844 999
Dalriada Urgent Care 2825663510
Emergency Chart for Cassidy Dental Clinic